Welcome to 8th grade gifted language arts!

All material and communication will now be done through Google Classroom.

ELA class code:  qmukhz5

Advocacy class code:  wydaxwg

News and Updates:



Below are a few ideas for how to spend this unexpected time out of school.  These are simply suggestions- no work is required during this time.  Although I highly encourage you to keep your brain engaged!

-read a book

-use quizlet to refresh your memory about vocabulary words from previous units

-read a book!

-Scholastic has free online education lessons.  They are not necessary ELA related, but are a way to keep you thinking.  Link to lessons


Power Lunch Wednesdays!

Take advantage of these lunches in order to earn partial credit for an assignment that was not turned in!

Please make sure to check the website regularly for information and materials to help you keep up to speed with class activities.

Current Unit Activities:

Pre-SAT Vocabulary and Stems Unit 11:

   Answers due TBD

 Answer Submission Link

   Test- TBD

To Kill a Mockingbird:

   -Ch. 8-11

   -Figurative Language Examples for Part 1

   -"Prom Night in Mississippi" permission




   -Respect of the Individual

   -Moral vs Academic Education

   -Physical Bravery vs Inner Courage

   -Parental Roles

   -Prejudice and Social Inequality

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